June 20, 2016


The Declaration of Independence states that all people “are created equal.” While this is an important truth in regards to the human race, it’s not always the case for used equipment. Because of the large differences that can exist from one machine to the next – even of the same model – Western States recently started a Certified Used program. This gives equipment buyers a quick, easy identifier to set machines apart from one another.

In order to qualify for the Western States Certified Used program, a machine has to have low hours; be less than five years old; have minimal wear on the tires, undercarriage and ground-engaging tools; and pass a rigorous 140-point check by certified technicians. Once it passes the criteria, it’s entered into the Certified Used inventory and sold with a 1,000-hour, 12-month Cat® warranty, giving customers the extra peace of mind they want when committing to a used piece of equipment.

To promote the program, Western States has sent out multiple mailers and recently launched WesternStatesUsed.com, where potential customers can search for used equipment based on things such as model, year, hours and price. An additional filter allows users to see only the certified-used vehicles. “While researching our website analytics, we noticed that a lot of traffic was coming to our site by searching ‘used equipment’,” Michael Romans, Director of Marketing, said. “So we see this dedicated site as an opportunity to bring more attention to our used-equipment business, as well as the Certified Used program.”

The launch of the Certified Used program and WesternStatesUsed.com both make shopping easier — something we are always striving to achieve.  We’re excited for the convenience this adds for our customers and the opportunity to strengthen the Western States brand.