January 13, 2016


Office work in a construction zone, lunches with no breakroom and power loss from a wind storm may seem difficult, but the Spokane CRS and General Line (GL) groups fought through it all and managed beautiful renovations. And there’s more to come.

“Most of the renovations so far are not customer facing but we are going to redo the front parts counter, the lobby of the main building and the truck shop lobby. That will all start at the end of this month,” Parts Branch Manager Joe Manning said of the current state of affairs in Spokane.

Talking with Manning, the major renovations to date occurred on the Service side of the GL facility and in the CRS facility that shares the property. For the Parts department, they “just moved stuff around a lot.” In doing so, however, they were able to clean up and create a more efficient work-space. Additionally, they separated their will-call area from a busier shop area to the back. This will allow for greater customer safety.

In Service, employees were thrilled to receive a much needed new break room, locker room and new bathrooms as well as improved office spaces. Rental received renovated office spaces as well. Staff from all parts of our Spokane crew, however, are excited to see the result after this next round of construction.

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  1. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far in Spokane. A big thanks to Dan Jafek for overseeing the construction. More to come!

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