November 11, 2020


Our veterans have sacrificed a great deal for our country, and Western States is proud to work with organizations like the Semper Fi & America’s Fund to say thank you.

The Semper Fi and America’s Fund is one of the country’s highest rated charities. Dedicated to helping members of the US Armed Forces, the Fund provides support and resources to service members and their families after a life-altering injury or illness while serving.

Earlier this year, Western States and the Semper Fi Fund worked together on the sale of a 259D3 skid steer for veteran Micah Andersen to use on his ranch. Sales Representative Shane Stanford, who worked on the sale, talked about how enthusiastic Micah was to start using his machine.

“The best part about the entire process was hearing and seeing the excitement Micah had when we did the walk around and loaded his machine and attachments,” Shane said, “He was shaking with joy as he could now perform so many of the tasks he was unable to prior to getting the 259D3.”

Shane went on to say how much it meant to him to be able to play a part in making a difference.

“It was an honor to be a very small piece of the puzzle in giving back to one of our veterans.  They are willing to give all for the freedoms we enjoy,” he said, “We owe so much to all of our veterans and I am extremely thankful for getting to play a very small role in giving back.”

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