February 1, 2022


The American Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade. Our communities need our help!

For the entire month of February, Marketing is giving away a cool, retro-logo embroidered Richardson Cat hat to any employee who donates blood. To claim your hat, all you need to do is visit your local Red Cross or other blood donation center, make your donation, then send photo verification to [email protected]. A photo of an “I gave blood” sticker, a bandage on your arm, the donation center, or anything showing that you were there is all we need. (Photos of employees will not be shared or posted on social media without express consent.)

Donating blood at a donation center for this program is eligible for Volunteer Time Off! VTO applications and procedures can be found here.

So have a heart! Get this cool hat and help your community. To find your nearest Red Cross donation center, click here.

Stores that would like to organize their own local blood drives are welcome to do so, and Marketing will still give those donors a hat! Please observe Covid safety protocols if you have a blood drive at your store.

This hat could be yours! Send Marketing proof of your blood donation in the month of February to receive a free hat

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