October 22, 2020


With 12 years working out of the Jackson store, Joe Callaco is an expert on being a team player.

Joe’s career began at transmission shops in South Jersey. At 21 years old, he started working as a ski lift mechanic at Mount Hood Ski Bowl in Oregon, where he learned many skills that he says have transferred to his work as a machine mechanic today. Joe later moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and worked as a mechanic for Evans Construction. In 2008, Joe joined Western States in his current role as Cat Rental Store Lead Technician at the Jackson store.

“There seems to be nothing typical in my work day,” Joe said, “When I’m not on call, I do my best to manage the store—ordering parts, coaching our techs on the daily repairs and procedures that come up, and catching up on repairs in the yard. All while always looking for efficient and cost-effective ways to grow our business.”

The Jackson team is small but mighty—with only 5 people on staff, everyone wears many hats to make sure customers are taken care of.

“We’re like a small family here, and there is minimal drama. We all care for each other,” Joe said, “Most of our local business owners we know by name, we know their machines, we know their families and pets. There is no throwing your hands in the air and giving up—we will always see things through for our friends in Jackson.”

Outside of work, Joe is an avid snowmobiler and enjoys taking video and photos with his drone. He and his wife, Moriah, have a pit bull named Rocky and three cats.

Next year will be Joe’s 20th year in his line of work. Looking back on his career so far, his advice for new technicians was straightforward: sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.

“My advice for new techs would be to listen and respect others with experience. School is not everything; hands-on time and listening goes a long way. Think outside the box and try not to overthink—sometimes there might be a simple answer right in front of you,” he said.



  2. What a terrific tribute to you, Joe! I am sure not many people in your business receive this kind of recognition for a job well done. My favorite piece was when you compared your team to a small family, and talked about how you care for each other. Also, the fact that you know your local business owners’ names, machines, families and even pets! This doesn’t sound like a job, but, instead, a way of life. Congratulations! Love, Aunt Grace

  3. I am so proud of you. .. you forgot one job… this job prepared you for the super job… your hands on style …thanks to me … that was when you became joe fries… you earned that titled and still known in brigantine… I love you…

  4. Joef
    This is way cool! From Jersey to big time! You have done well for yourself! Your hard work has paid off.You should be proud! Wishing you continued success ~ Love Susie

  5. Great career you have Joe! And it suits you very well.
    From east to west, Joe is the best

  6. Mr Joe cool!!
    Awesome advice !
    It’s great to know what an awesome person I’ve been working with for years
    And many more to come !

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