April 10, 2020


We’re excited to announce the start of the 2020 Dump Hunger program, with new updates to accommodate these unprecedented times.

President Kelly Olson announced the beginning of the Dump Hunger program on April 6.  Inspired by previous Dump Hunger campaigns, the newly-resurrected food drive will move forward with the goal of helping our communities’ food banks through this difficult time.

“This pandemic has upended life for many of our friends and neighbors.  Food banks are on the front lines of helping them make it through and get back on their feet,” said Marketing Coordinator Carrie Mayer, who is the primary contact for store representatives and food banks. “While the level of need varies across our territory, some of the most impacted food banks are giving out food as fast as they receive it in.”

As always, safety is top of mind for Western States. To comply with Stay-At-Home orders that have been put in place across the territory, employees will have the option to donate money online. A portal for online donations will go live in the coming weeks.

“Many of the food banks I talked to recently said they are thankful for donations of food, but would prefer monetary donations whenever possible. Food banks have three to five times the buying power that you or I would have at the grocery store, making every dollar go that much farther,” Carrie said.

Employees who are unable to work from home are welcome to bring in nonperishable donations as well; canned goods, dried beans and rice are always popular items, as well as baby formula and peanut butter. Donated items need to be well within their expiration date, unopened and unused.

Food banks across our territory are in need of support. Western States is excited to step up and help support our community through the COVID-19 crisis. It’s one of the ways we’re proud to help build our communities for a better tomorrow.

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