March 1, 2021


After employees went home last Thursday, the local police department turned the Meridian campus into the perfect K9 training center.

For the last several years, the Meridian store has worked with multiple K9 units to provide a unique space to help the police dogs put their skills to the test. With all of the sights and smells that come with being in a heavy equipment shop, the WSECO campus provides the K9s and their handlers with environmental challenges that prepare them for what they might encounter in the line of duty.

“We have a lot to offer for the training. We have offices, a large yard, elevators and a service area, so they get a lot of different scenarios to work on,” said Meridian Parts Manager Sean Miller.

Before the K9s start their training session, officers move through the facility to set up different scenarios for the dogs to work through. From narcotic detection to suspect location, each K9 unit has thousands of hours of training under their belt (or collar) to keep their skills sharp and their communities safe.

“It’s pretty cool to see all of the officers, K9s and vehicles in front of our facility and know we’re helping out,” Sean said, “It also gives me a sense of pride to work for a company that is so involved in the community. It’s pretty cool to be able to brag about the place you work and how they’re committed to helping and giving back.”

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