March 5, 2020


Managers from every store gathered in downtown Boise last week for the 2020 Spring Leadership Meeting.

Over two days, managers and the executive team met to review business results and issues for current fiscal year as well as the discuss strategy and vision for the upcoming 2020-21 fiscal year.

To wrap up the first day of the meeting, local non-profit Boise Bicycle Project brought in donated bikes to be built and refurbished by meeting attendees.

“Boise Bike Project is a great organization that we decided to partner with on this exercise as they have similar values, vision, and purpose for their own organization.  It was a great team building activity and learning experience for the entire leadership team,” said President Kelly Olson.

At the conclusion of the bike builds, Western States Cat via the Terteling Foundation also donated $5,000 to the Boise Bike Project ongoing mission.

“Organizations like Western States are so special and important to us because we know you have a choice about the nonprofits you support. We understand that along with your volunteer hours, you bring a passion for our mission,” Emily Summerhays, Boise Bicycle Project director of development, said.

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