October 28, 2016


Every once in a while, someone comes into your life who really makes a big impact.  In Missoula, that impact is visible.

Julie Jimenez, Equipment Ops Sales Coordinator for the northern region and longtime Missoula employee, has been battling cancer for quite some time.  Unfortunately she recently had to switch to a more aggressive type of chemotherapy, and one of the side effects of the treatment was the loss of her hair.

Rather than watching her hair slowly fall out, Julie decided to shave her head.  The Missoula store rallied around Julie and set up the “WSECO Missoula Barber College” earlier this month.  For the unbeatable price of $10, anyone at the store could get a Julie-look-alike haircut from a fellow employee.  The haircuts were all performed under expert supervision, and with a lot of laughs!  When all was said and done, $463 (there must have been a tip in there?) was raised for Julie, to use as she sees fit.

For everyone at the Missoula store, all of those shaved heads are a reminder of how big of an impact Julie has had on the team there, and just how much everyone loves her in return.

4 comments on “A LITTLE LOVE FOR JULIE.

  1. WOW, you are all amazing!! What a heart warming story of work team mates treating each other as they are an extension of your family!

  2. This is so heart warming. Such a great company to be a part of, surrounded by such amazing people!!!

  3. This is great, when you work with team mates who feel the same as family. To have that extra support is truly wonderful.

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