October 15, 2019


A little over a year ago, Western States certified 10 of our very own sales leaders to instruct the Four Pillars of the Sales Profession training program.  Prior to teaching this program ourselves, our sales team had to either travel all the way to Dayton, Ohio or attend the rare workshop held here at the dealership and facilitated by our long-time business partner Don Buttrey, President of Sales Professional Training and developer of The Four Pillars of the Sales Profession.  Teaching this program ourselves means we can eliminate waste in time and travel associated with attending in Ohio but, more importantly, it means that we can customize the content to fit our dealership, our sales team, and our clients.

Our certified instructors include Alex Freter, Josh Thornton, Marcus Hopkins, Denton Wilde, Brad Drollinger, John Rollins, JD Nelson, Jason Warriner, Ken Burns, Larry Moritz and Brian Cofer.  A training taught by leaders in the operation ensures that this is not just another training program.  Instead, it’s a way of life for a sales person at Western States.

We have now conducted two sales training camps featuring the Four Pillars of the Sales Profession.  Our first in December of 2018 and our second just last week.  Congratulations to our sales people and sales leaders for completing the program!

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