October 1, 2019


Two years is a long time to do anything. At the Twin Falls store, a new safety precedent has been set: two years without a recordable incident.

“We are a smaller store so we have the opportunity to know each person on campus and their families,” said Cheyene Walker, Twin Falls parts counter supervisor, “Each of us knows how getting hurt would impact not only ourselves and our family but the lives of our co-workers as well. After we have made sure that we are safe, then we’re looking out for the person next to us so we not only make it home OK but they do too.”

To commemorate the team’s outstanding achievement, Western States hosted a barbecue lunch for Twin Falls employees on September 25. Team members from all over the store gathered to eat together and celebrate their success.

“I believe there is a lot of pride in this accomplishment,” Walker said, “we are going to continue to strive to stay safe, not because there’s a status to uphold, but because that’s how we want to be: safe.  Safe for ourselves, safe for our families and safe for those who are around us.”

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