July 21, 2021


The Pocatello store recently hit an exciting milestone: over 200 days without a safety incident!

After the rate of safety incidents kept increasing in Pocatello, the store took active measures to make sure safety was at the top of everyone’s mind. Focusing on each person’s “why” —whatever in their lives motivated them to be safe— had a significant impact on employees across the board.

“Employee engagement, personal accountability (my why), and looking out for each other (see something, say something) are some of the key factors that I feel have allowed this great achievement,” said Regional Service Manager Travis Peebles, “To go from a statistical injury or incident every 14 days to zero in over 200 days is a phenomenal accomplishment for every employee in Pocatello.”

“After rallying together, and a bit of a sobering reminder to look at our personal whys, the Pocy team jumped at the challenge to turn this trend around,” said Safety and Environmental Manager Tad Sparks, “Obviously there is still plenty of room to improve, however we chose to be better than we were yesterday, and the last couple hundred days have sure made me proud to be a small part of this team!

Congratulations to the entire Pocatello team! The combined effort and focus on safety from every employee makes streaks like this possible. When we look out for ourselves and for each other, we can make sure that everyone will make it home safely, every day.

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