April 7, 2016


Columbia Pacific Construction, Inc. is building a wind farm. And not just any run-of-the-mill one either. Equipped with blades 185 feet long, these wind turbines will tower over 300 feet high. Twenty-five of these giant power creators will line the mountain top above the small community of Huntington, Oregon, along the Snake River.

With the massive amount of earth moving and tight deadlines, Columbia Pacific relies on Western States Equipment’s Heavy Rents division for unparalleled service and support.  “We work with equipment dealerships all over the West,” explains Dave Creagan, CP Construction General Manager. “There are none that compare to the high standard of Western States.”

As the project nears completion, Western States hosted a BBQ lunch for the entire CP Construction crew thanking them for their business. Heavy Rents Sales Rep, Russ White, was slinging burgers and hot dogs as fast as the guys could eat them.  The burgers were so tasty that one hungry fella downed four of them, breaking his own personal record for most burgers consumed in one sitting. Needless to say the crew was very thankful for the grub and Western States is very thankful for awesome customers like Columbia Pacific Construction, Inc.


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