December 24, 2015


Without the hard work and efforts of our employees, our legacy would never become real to our customers.

In June, we received the following letter from a customer:

Gentlemen, I am sorry I haven’t written sooner. In April, while passing through Spokane, my C15 started missing and, via the internet, I was able to contact Ryan at the WS Cat Truck Shop. Within a couple of hours they had it in and diagnosed as a scored liner. I had intended to patch it up but further examination revealed several other problems with my million mile engine.

 I explained I had to be in Seattle by Saturday and this was a Tuesday. Ryan and the service team told me that they could have an in-frame overhaul done by then, so that was the plan.

 They ran into a problem with a new liner that put them a couple of hours behind. I was very impressed when the service managers on the first and second shifts put on their work clothes, when Friday came, and assisted the techs assigned to the truck so I could be to Seattle by Saturday.

 I live in south Florida and your people treated me as if I lived in Spokane and was a regular customer.

 The lady in your finance department went to work and was able to get financing that CAT offered.

 I have been doing this for 45 years and have never been so impressed by your group of people. I usually only get through Spokane a couple of times a year and I was lucky on this one trip. I have told all the people I work with that if you need something done, stop at WS in Spokane. 

 Thank you for your tremendous service.

The Spokane group that served this customer included Ryan Rimbey (a technician who was filling in as a CSR), Todd Layman (Supervisor), Craig Peterson (Supervisor), Ritchie Kittilson (Technician), Jim McBride (Technician), and Brittany Aird (Financing). We want to thank them publicly for their superior efforts to serve our customers.

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