January 10, 2016


Equipment Management (EM) Solutions just completed a major renovation. With over 2400 units in Vision Link, 1370 units actively being monitored and the search for an EMS Manager, these renovations couldn’t have finished at a better time!

For those who are less familiar with EMSolutions, it is a total fleet management and monitoring system. Through Vision Link software, we partner with our customers and help to remotely monitor their equipment efficiency, productivity, position and more. We then use this information to generate status reports and make recommendations.

According to Product Support Services Manager Marty Jarnagin, “We are currently providing customers with an average of 100 recommendations per month and have helped with stolen machines, operator training, and diagnosing problems before failure, or even before the customer was aware of the issue.”

A large part of the success of EMSolutions resides our ability to analyze customer fluid samples. In 2015, our Fluid Analysis Lab analyzed over 40,000 samples. This year, that number will likely increase. To help, the lab just added a gas chromatography unit, providing more in-depth technical analysis. This makes us one of the leading fluid analysis labs in this part of the nation.

Thanks to the hard work of our sales team, customer product support agreements have accompanied many of our recent machine sales.  Our PSSRs have generated additional excitement about our capabilities and brought many more existing customers onboard! In fact, the customer service agreement team in EMSolutions is now helping manage over 1600 units.

Currently, 14% of all Cat equipment in our territory is connected to Vision Link for fleet management or service agreement purposes. This is quite exciting as it exceeds Caterpillar’s participation goals.

Overall, we are excited about what EMSolutions has to offer to our customers and our company!

Want to know more? Check out this video:

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