October 21, 2019


With sunny skies, hot burgers on the grill and freshly dried paint on the walls, the Jackson team was thrilled to welcome customers to their newly remodeled store at the Customer Appreciation Barbecue on October 16.

The remodel, which began earlier this year, includes an updated shop, new office space and a fresh exterior.

“This remodel is amazing, a new office with heat, a door that actually seals, a new wash pad—the wash pad is a real game changer for park-ready equipment,” said Moe Wilson, Jackson rental coordinator.

With around 130 customers and Western States employees coming together to enjoy a free lunch and celebrate the success of the remodel, it’s safe to say the Jackson team is looking forward to their future in the updated space.

“This remodel really put the fun back in feng shui,” said Zak Walker, CRS Attendant.

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