December 28, 2015


Cold weather increases battery sales, but the increase this year was record-breaking thanks to a 30% off, seasonal battery promotion that had customers bulk-buying batteries throughout October, November and December.

According to Parts Vice President Dan Young, we have rarely provided deeply discounted merchandise because Cat makes a great product that comes at a premium. Unfortunately this has left many of our customers running to competitors, who provide more affordable (but lower quality) batteries. This year, however, to touch our customers and bring them back to our stores, we provided this strategic, seasonal promotion.

By its completion, the promotion yielded an average a 130% battery sales increase throughout the company. This can be broken down as a 59% increase in October, a 164% increase in November, and a 167% increase in December.

According to Dan “Keeping up with demand may have proved difficult at times, but the Parts department did a great job as customers, who came in for one battery, walked out with 5 or 6. Sometimes they hadn’t even intended to purchase a battery, but left with one (or more) anyway.” Such enthusiasm has Dan already thinking about the next strategic discount and he couldn’t be more excited.

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