February 4, 2016


According to Director of Strategy Deployment, JD Lancaster, there’s great news regarding our switch to Microsoft AX:

GOOD NEWS. The Project One team has successfully migrated data from our numerous software platforms into one – Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Therefore, we are initiating  a “Load Test” with our new AX platform next week, which means we are ready to test the system with real data and transactions. It has been a long hard journey to get to this point and all should be proud that we are accomplishing more than any other Cat dealer has been able to do with a transition of this magnitude. “The Project One Team, and all Western States employees who helped make it happen with long hours, lots of stress, and brainpower were absolutely incredible pulling it all together” says JD Lancaster, Director of Strategy Deployment

This “Load Test” will take place on February 10th and involve more than half of our organization (530 people) and take an hour to complete. Once done, JD says we can  expect two things: first – validation the system matches our desired outcome, and secondarily a pinpointing of any issues that we might need to tweak before we move forward.

Load Test Definition = 530 people representing every function at WSECO accessing the system at one time, for one hour, in order to validate it can carry the load, and not shut down.

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